Far away from the WSOP 2015 action, the 2015 Asia Championship of Poker Main Event brought together an impressive field of 4eda2fd5c05390714289503def25210d_largeprofessional players and amateurs.

The guaranteed prize pool was greatly exceeded and the winner was expected to take home $760,000, assuming no deal was made.

That’s plenty of money and strong incentive for anyone who enjoys the game and doesn’t mind spending a significant buy-in to participate.


PokerStars was once again the sponsor of this tournament, so it was only natural for many of their sponsored players to participate. One by one they were eliminated and by the time the final table was set, none of them were still in the race. This presented the finalists with an excellent opportunity to triumph and Zhou Zhou quickly emerged as a favorite, due to his aggressive style of poker and healthy stack.

Many of the finalists were players from Asian countries, with only a handful of Europeans and Americans choosing to participate. One of the reasons for why this happens is that there are a couple of prominent tournaments unfolding on the old continent, while US-based players had their eyes locked on the WSOP.


The heads-up usually takes just a couple of hands and rarely more than one hour, but in this case the finalists battle the through for more than three hours. Zhou Zhou was pit against Thomas words, who also had plenty of chips in front of him and play cautiously, waiting for a mistake. Unfortunately for him he decided to go all in with A – J and he failed to hit the board, so he’s opponents prevail with a pair of fives.

Finishing second still resulted in a prize of more than $480,000, but the lion’s share went to Zhou Zhou also won the coveted bracelet. You can find the final table results below, including the names of all nine finalists and the corresponding paychecks:


Place Player Prize (HKD) Prize (Approx. USD)
1 Zhou « Jimmy » Zhou $5,885,000 $760,000
2 Thomas Ward $3,736,000 $482,000
3 Nan Tu $2,411,000 $311,000
4 Hsien Yuan Yang $1,928,000 $249,000
5 Connor Drinan $1,519,000 $196,000
6 Qi Luo $1,205,000 $155,000
7 Xixiang Luo $964,000 $124,000
8 Sergey Lebedev $783,000 $101,000
9 Guoliang Wei $603,000 $78,000