Danskespil is an immensely popular online casino that operates across Europe, but a couple of countries Danske-Spil-logoare on the blacklist.

In many cases, this has to do with the fact that online gambling is not allowed within national borders and the casino doesn’t want to breach any of these regulations.

However, there are a couple of noteworthy exception, one of which being Germany where the reasons are slightly different.

Local players were happy to play their games from the comfort of their home and use mobile devices to enjoy a spectrum of slot machines, table games and video poker. Danskespil is one of the most successful Netent casinos, so those who were competing for progressive jackpots played against tens of thousands of customers.

The results were easy to predict, as the jackpot when higher up much faster than they normally do when we talk about prizes won locally.

Unfortunately for all those who enjoy playing these games with this celebrated casino, it is no longer accepting players from Germany. While this is not a novelty, then use in the press release published by the casino was that the situation is unlikely to change anytime soon. It’s disheartening to hear that one of the places where online gambling used to be so much fun is now off-limits for so many fans of the genre.
At the heart of this issue are the new VAT regulations, because Germany charges these taxes on all gaming transactions.


This is the result of European authorities decided that even in the casino is not based in a country where VAT discharge, this should be paid nevertheless. Many online gambling operators have decided to change their approach in the wake of this new laws, in order to minimize the costs and still respect the laws.
Danskespil decided to shut down this German branch and as a result, players from this country were no longer allowed to sign up for an account.

Those who already have an account here were given plenty of time to operate the cash out, so funds were not lost and everyone receives the amounts that were rightfully theirs. This is a common sense approach and in complete accord with the high security standards of held by the casino over the years.

It’s been nearly a year since German players were denied access and there were some who expected that things will change for the better in 2016. Unfortunately this is not going to be the case anytime soon and German players will have to consider other Netent casinos.

Obviously, Danskespil would be more than happy to return to Germany if legislation changes, as it has a healthy number of customers here.
They are famous for offering great bonuses, running special promotions and sending players to exotic all paid vacations across the globe. All these are great reasons for prospective customers to open account, so those who reside in countries where the casino operates, can consider themselves lucky.